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Galvin Machined Castings can supply your castings from our Malaga warehouse but manufactured through our network of Chinese partners:

The benefits include:

  • Established and proven partner suppliers who actually manufacture many of our own Galvin Engineering product lines as well as OEM castings.

  • Galvin Engineering staff regularly visit China and maintain close relationships with our Chinese partners meaning we can discuss your particular casting requirements directly with key personnel face to face.

  • We have comprehensive confidentiality agreements in place.

  • Recourse for quality issues with our suppliers, meaning our supply chain through to our customer has integrity

  • We employ Mandarin speaking staff in our Perth HQ Office.

We arrange :

  • Drafting and technical drawings

  • Pattern making and tooling

  • Casting and machining

  • Non-destructive and metallurgical testing

  • Transport, shipping and insurance

  • Distribution from our Malaga Head Quarters.

  • Finishing services such as painting or powder coating and even packaging and labelling.

  • All backed by our ISO 9001 - 2015 Quality Assurance System.


Our service provides a very attractive option for companies seeking access to qualified offshore suppliers.

Range of metals

Non- Ferrous

  • Aluminium (multiple grades)

  • Bronzes (multiple grades)

  • Aluminium Bronzes (multiple grades)

  • Brass


  • Ductile Irons

  • Cast Iron

  • Nickel and Chrome Irons

  • Steels (multiple grades)

  • Stainless Steels (multiple grades)

Casting Methods

GMC have access to multiple methods for casting your products from very high volume techniques such as die casting, to investment casting for intricate products and sand casting for larger components.

Medium to High volume production runs:

  • Gravity die casting

  • Low pressure die casting

  • Pressure die casting

Investment Casting - intricate detail

Sand Casting - Low volume and larger component size.

Precision machining

CNC Facilities available through Chinese foundries and suppliers with often have several hundred CNC lathes/mills/machining centres ensuring rapid production and significant cost savings on finished product.

Additional Services

We can arrange for quality finishes for your components, including painting, powder coating (with recognised products such as Jotun or Dulux), anodising, electroplating, polishing and chroming.

We also arrange suitable packaging and labelling so your product can arrive shelf ready.

Contact Galvin Machined Castings today and get your business going global!

Partnering with GMC allows you to:

  • Remain Competitive

  • Utilise Our Resources

  • Collaborate On Design

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Let us take the headache out of sourcing offshore.
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