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The Golden Eagle Nugget

It all started in early 1931 when a lucky young fellow, 16 year old Jim Larcombe uncovered a 32.2 kilogram gold nugget in a remote part of the Kalgoorlie Goldfields known as Widgiemooltha. Whilst dragging the Larcombe family out of poverty the discovery sparked a renewed interest in gold prospecting in the area and the “Golden Eagle” nugget remains the largest yet found in Western Australia.

A replica of the "Golden Eagle" nugget now stands at Perth's Elizabeth Quay, and is the start of the "Heart of Gold Discovery Trail", The Gold Industry Groups recently launched initiative. 
Galvin Machined Castings were very proud to be selected to cast this nugget replica, and bring a little bit of history back in to the present day for future generations to be part of.
The self-guided trail takes you to 12 historically significant sites within Perth with the aid of a Smart Phone App (Heart of Gold App) which can easily be downloaded for free.

You can find out more at the Heart of Gold Discovery Trail Web Page


Madlin Zamir