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Corporate & Social Responsibility

Corporate & Social Responsibility

Health, Safety & Welfare

The health, safety and welfare of all personnel is of primary concern to the Directors of Galvin Engineering. The Company's Health, Safety & Welfare Policy is our overall authoritative statement on health, safety & welfare issues, and is to be issued to all new employees during their induction. This concern must be reflected in the way we design our plant, operate our machinery, and work in accordance with job instructions.

Our priority is to ensure that every employee is provided with a safe, healthy and discrimination free place, in which to work. We will make every effort in the areas of safety education, accident prevention, hazard control, injury prevention and health preservation, to ensure the safety of the workplace, and the health and welfare of our workforce. The elimination of all injuries is our ultimate goal. We strongly believe that all accidents are preventable and that we can achieve our ultimate goal. 

Health, Safety and Welfare at work must be a shared responsibility. Commitment to safety is a team commitment, involving managers, supervisors, subcontractors, suppliers and employees working together, through consultation and cooperation. It is unacceptable for any individual to observe non-compliance with any safety policy. 

Confidence in the safety of the workplace requires openness of communication between all levels. We recognize and support the rights of all personnel to express their concerns over safety in the workplace, and expect those concerns to be addressed. Providing a safe, healthy, accident and discrimination free working environment, ensures a healthier and more productive workforce, which is critical in the attainment of our Company's goals.


Environmental Management

Galvin Engineering is a strong advocate for looking after the earth and especially preserving Western Australia's lands, coasts, wildlife, vegetation & climate. The company achieved ISO 14001 certification in 2012.

Galvin Engineering supplies a complete range of customised water control products and machined castings and services.  Within these ranges Galvin Engineering manufactures a wide range of environmentally friendly products such as WELS approved water saving tapware; fittings used in solar hot water systems; self closing mechanical and electrical tapware, etc. 

Our foundry uses locally sourced 100% recycled steel, and fully recycles all non-ferrous runners, risers, swarf and reject material. 

As a long standing and highly ethical corporate citizen, Galvin Engineering is committed to protecting the environment by: 

  • Providing resources to implement and meet the requirements of the environmental policy

  • Supporting the efforts of the Environmental / Community Committee which has been formed of employees from different departments of the Company.

  • Promoting internal awareness by supporting projects that seek solutions to environmental problems in order to improve the sustainability of the global environment. 

  • Provide a leadership role in the wider community by actively encouraging our employees to promote environmental awareness outside of the workplace to family and friends.

  • Integrating environmental stewardship into all facets of our operations;

  • Conducting all business in a responsible manner; respecting the environment;

  • Fostering the sustainable use of the earth's resources by careful selection of environmentally conscious suppliers.

  • Complying with all applicable statutory environmental laws and regulations.

Every Galvin Engineering employee has a responsibility to protect Western Australia's unique environment and way of life in every reasonable way possible. In support of this policy, Galvin Engineering commits to the following strategic environmental objectives: 

  • We will achieve compliance with all applicable environmental requirements.

  • We will implement, monitor and continually improve an environmental management system, and effectively train our employees and contractors.

  • We will integrate sound environmental practices and compliance into our design and decision making processes, in consideration of the potential impact of our activities on the environment.

  • We will adopt cost effective practices to eliminate, minimise or mitigate environmental impacts.

  • We will establish appropriate environmental performance indicators to guide our efforts and measure our progress and performance.

  • Reducing our carbon footprint as much as practical and to monitor greenhouse gas emissions against the standards set by the NGERS (National Green House and Energy Reporting Scheme).

  • Recycle wood, paper, plastic and metals as much as practicable, with zero recyclables to land-fill.

Current Company initiatives include but are not limited to: 

  • The use of extraction fans and filtration systems for foundry emissions.

  • The use of water efficient devices in taps, shower heads, urinals, etc.

  • The use of 100% recycled paper where practical.

  • The re-use and recycling of used paper and cardboard packaging.

  • The re-use and recycling of wood waste.

  • The return to recycling companies of used batteries, printer cartridges, mobile phones and computer equipment.

  • Using energy efficient lighting in offices and in the factory. 

  • Minimizing the use of air conditioners and heaters.

  • Continual redesign of products and improvements in processes to reduce waste.

  • Reusing scrap or reject metals.

  • Recycling the majority of green sand used in the foundry.

  • Donating to the Conservation Council of WA.

  • Actively promoting and supporting activities such as Clean Up Australia Day 

Philanthropy & Community

Galvin Engineering supports initiatives that contribute to the community, and undertakes to donate to numerous charities during the year. In this regard, an Environmental / Community Committee has been formed of employees from different departments in the Company, and one of its roles is to promote philanthropic and community initiatives.

The main charities the Company currently donates to on an annual basis, include but are not limited to:

  • St Vincent De Paul

  • Caritas Australia

  • Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia

  • Breast Cancer Foundation of Western Australia

  • 2 other employee chosen tax deductible government approved charities

The Company is also proud to support the following community contributions:

  • Blood Donations: We are a proud 'Club Red' corporate blood donor for The Australian Red Cross Blood Service. This involves many employees and management donating blood quarterly as a corporate group.

  • Company Organised Activities: Involvement in activities such as Volunteer Task Force, Movember, Purple Bra Day and Jeans for Genes.

  • Charitable Leave: Any employees who wish to undertake charitable work for suitable charities or community groups, are to be encouraged in every way, including where appropriate, the allowing of paid or unpaid time off work in order to do so. In this regard, the Company is prepared to match annual leave taken for approved charitable purposes on a one for one basis, up to a total of one extra weeks paid leave.

  • Work Experience: We support school based work experience and welcome students through programs such as In-Step.

  • Disabled Work Programs: are supported at Galvin Engineering where practical and safe. The employment of disabled or disadvantaged people is encouraged.

  • Sponsorship: We welcome the opportunity to sponsor employee involvement in activities that benefit the community and promote fun, unity, health and well being.

  • Skills: the employment of apprentices is undertaken partly as a community service. Training of our employees is also viewed as an opportunity to improve people's quality of life and sense of achievement.


Discrimination & Harassment

Every employee at Galvin Engineering has a responsibility to ensure that discrimination, harassment and other inappropriate behaviour does not occur in the work place, including work done off site, at Company on-site and off-site functions (e.g. Christmas Parties, dinners etc), or at any time when wearing company supplied clothing. This includes sexual harassment as well as any harassment be it physical, racial or on age. 

Harassment can include the following: 

  • Unnecessary physical contact 

  • Verbal abuse and put-downs 

  • Suggestive and/or unwelcome jokes and comments 

  • Offensive hand and body gestures 

  • Provocative posters and pictures 

  • Staring 

  • Bullying 

  • Intoxicated behaviour 

  • Offensive emails, video or other electronic media 

    Bullying is defined as "the repeated less favourable treatment of a person by another, or others in the workplace, which may be considered unreasonable and inappropriate workplace practice." 
    All instances of discrimination and harassment should be reported to your department head immediately, or in the instance that your department head is directly involved, to an alternative impartial senior manager. 

    Your department head is responsible to ensure that all complaints are treated confidentially and are thoroughly investigated, and if warranted, to ensure that appropriate action is taken to stop future incidents occurring. 

    A valid complaint of harassment is viewed very seriously by Galvin Engineering and will not be tolerated under any circumstances. In certain circumstances, the severity of the complaint will lead to disciplinary action against the offender, and may even result in dismissal.