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Eccles Muff Couplings

“Australia’s toughest Coupling for the most demanding conditions”

Galvin Machined Castings is home to the famous Eccles Muff Coupling brand. Customers can be confident of the superior material quality and longevity of this heavy-duty coupling.

Robust, sturdy and built to last in the harshest environments, the Eccles brand is trusted to perform on Australian and international mine sites and is used extensively by Australia’s leading mining hose manufacturers and suppliers.

The Eccles Muff Couplings fits recognised brands of smooth material handling hose and is ideal for mining applications. The coupling features an internal barbed rib system with a high degree of tightness and strength for maximum grip on the hose.

The coupling does not have to line up with any particular groove or pattern. It can be moved around the hose and precision matched with the flange to which it will be joined.

The coupling is available in several drill patterns including, Table D, E, ANSI150. Galvin Machined Castings manufactures the Eccles Muff Couplings from high strength anti-corrosive aluminium (CC601/A356) and grey cast iron. All bolts, washers and nuts are supplied with each complete coupling.

Please contact our staff (618) 9338 2344 and ask for Duncan Allen or Martin Hall for price and availability.

Most sizes kept in stock at our Malaga factory.

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